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Saturday, March 3, 2012

love or hate with lyrics

-when the whole world stops and stares for awhile cuz your amazing just the way you are.

-just goin to stand there and watch me burn it's alright cuz I like the way it hurts.just goin to stand there and watch me cry it's alright cuz I love the way you lie.

-you are the only exception

-how could you lie to me I thought you would die for me.i'm not accepting another apology I'm fighting with myself I can't hurt you even though you hurt me.

-i tried to reach you and then your nearly here and then you disappear.

-it's not a bird not a plane it's my heart and it's goin gone away my only weakness is you only reason is you every minute with you i feel like I can do anything.

-baby come back to me I will be all that you need.

-where were you when i said that I loved you. I remember when my heart broke I remember when I gave up lovin you.I remember when I walked out I remember when I said that I hated you but somehow still lovin you. I was sad and lonely.

-I never thOught that we would break up for the better should of never made the promises to each other.so many things that I didn't say that you should of known.I wasn't ready when I said that I loved you nd in my heart i know that I would never tell you I should of never went to a situation to the next I'm still in love with my ex.

-I don't need no love commandments I know how to love cuz lovin you ain't that hard.

-you thought that i was perfect boy you were wrong.I'm far from that.you didn't see tears running down my face I turned my back you knew something was wrong. It's hard to have this based on a lie.

-I should of done that I should of went to the club.I should of played you I should of done that I should of threw away all my love..

-i got money to the clouds at the top lookin down.i love this game I will never fall off.

-if I snuck up in your bedroom touch you while you sleep I came to steal your heart girl don't call the police.

-if you love something let it go and if it comes back then that's how you know I got to to the stoplight and then I made a full right back where I started and now your back in my life.

-girl I'm on my knees I promise I will be good and I will never do it again I'm on my knees I can't get over you I'm askin for one more chance.

-if we keep on breaking up we keep on makin up is it 2 late 4 us i know my mistake no matter what it takes.

- can I get that Tron can I get that remmy can I get that coke can I get that henny can I get that margarita on the rock rock rocks can I get salt on the rim rim rim Trey.

- I keep running from real love I keep running so scared of heart break so scared of makin mistakes I'm confessing so baby hear me out.

- don't say your fed up tired of love whatever u need i got it just come with me..if you trust me as a friend trust me with your heart.

- wow I really do love you I care bout you so much I can't even see myself without you.. Call me crazy in love but I made up my mind about you there is no one else that can ever replace what we have and I don't want anyone else but you.. So don't tell me its over and don't tell me that I was too late for us.. Tell me that things didn't change between us tell me that we will get back to where we left off cuz I can't seem to go on without knowing how you feel even if it hurts. Just tell me what's reall cuz it's killing me everyday not knowing what's really on your mind. I'm sorry for hurting you in the past I'm sorry for putting you through a lot I'm sorry for taking advantage of your love thinking that we were goin to be forever and not realizing that I actually hurt you I'm sorry for hurting your feelings constantly just don't tell me that it's over tell me that we can fix this tell me that we were just playin silly games to eachother and you were doin the same thing tell me that what u feel is reall tell me that you love me tell me that your feelings never changed tell me that we will always be together no matter what tell me that your love will never diminish tell me that I still make you happy when u see me. Just tell me it's not over.. And if it is I will always love you but I don't think I can see you again. When I look at you I see how forgiving you are I see how happy you are I see the truth in your eyes I see all the trust that we built over time when I see you I see how much fun we had together I can never let go of the memories but before you say anything I wanna give you kiss just to show you that whatever answer you give I will be ok with but if its a no then I will walk away but I'm hoping that you could grab my arm and say you never want me to walk away you never want me to turn my back against you and that you need to see me every morning when you wake up I wanna hear that I'm the one and only girl for you please don't let my hope be a dream but if this is such a dream then why did we ever go this far. Just tell me the truth it's killin me slowly I need you but I need to know if you need me too. My body gets butterflies when you look at me and smile and it's something that I never get used to. please tell me that you wont leave.

- yes we can forget the past ya we can forget thing like as if they never happened ya we can go our separate ways but I don't want to see u again I don't want to feel this again I don't want u to think that u can comfort me I don't want you to feel that u have to be there for me.I know I will always have in my memory but having you in the future will be better for. I mean it when it I say that a memory is all that you will be.

- don't think I dont care don't think I dont watch your actions I'm not playin these games I'm not bein a part of what your game to play I'm not a girl that u can show off like a prize and I don't want you to think you have to keep me around just cuz of the past. I'm not one of your options I'm the only girl that should be in a mans life.

- what do you think when I say that I love you? What do you think when I say that you hurt my feelings? What do you say when I'm cryin and have all these tears rolling down my face? How would you feel if I said that I want you close next to me just so that I can sleep. I want to know what's on your mind I want to know everything you don't need to hide Anything from me. I wanna be your diary. Your best friend your everything.

- you know I love you why are doin this to me I can't think right and knowing your mad over something that I didn't think was that serious I'm sorry and now you tellin me I need to go over to you. Gosh u drive me crazy sometimes I really miss you though not talkin to you is weird but you know what do what you do and I will see what I can do cuz I'm sorry it turned out this way but I can't think like crazy and I can't just let you think that I want you that bad. It just had to turn out this way right... Well thanks

- I never loved the way that I loved you I never missed any one the way that I missed you. Not being with you kills me. You make me happy in so many different ways I don't know how I could be with out you. You Changed my life on many levels. I can never get enough of you you have done so much for me that saying thank you will never be enough. I love you so much I'm just that crazy but I really do love you from the bottom of my heart.

-what's a girl got to do to really show u how much she cares.I know it takes me awhile to trust you show me how much u really want show me that u can trust you show me that I'm the one for you.show me that you won't lie or hurt me show me that you know how to be there for me.

- I don't want to be with you I don't want to deal with you. I'm not tryna act like I want you anymore.

- everyday same old thing so your still feeling pain never had real love before and it ain't her fault. She knows better but she can't help it wanna tell her but that would be selfish how do you heal a heart that can't feel it's broken. His love is all she knows.

- u don't know how much I needed u in my life. You were the one that understood me the most. U were always there for me. I'm so thankful to have you in my life. I miss you babe. It's not the same without you here.

- I got your back I thank you for always being there for me. I'm so glad to have you as a friend. Your the one that knows how I'm feeling right when it happens. I still can't believe that we been through it all. I love you your my bestie for life.

- people say why me but when u think bout it it's already been set and done. There is a bad side to everything you do o and on top of that don't listen to what everyone has to say bout it.. It doesnt get you anywhere so just do you and you will learn..

-I hate you but yet I love you. I don't wanna be with you but yet I can't be without you. You annoy me but yet you make me smile.I wanna know what it is about you that makes me feel his way but then again I don't want to know. You know how to get me mad and u know how to fix it. for that but I love you for knowing what to do and say to make things up. We can always get mad at each other an still be able to talk the next day. How do u do it. How do I want to leave but then again stay at the same time. I love how I can keep runnin to you but yet I hate it cuz it shows how much I really need u in my life.

- so Im goin to leave you alone just cuz I can't stand what you say to me. Just cuz I need to move around and I need to know that I'm actually single. I can't be talkin to you this much. I need to know that If things work out later than hey it could happen but now is not the time. So we will see how things go.

- do u still feel the same the way that I feel?? Do u get butterflies in your stomach?? Dies your heart skip a beat when u see me?? Do u always wanna be with me?? Do I think bout me constantly?? Do u wish to always be with me when ur not?? Can I be the one to have your heart??

- I never thought that it was goin to be u that I was falling for I never thought that it was you that I would fight for. I never thought that it was u that I could lose I never thought that I was u that could brake me heart. I never bought that it was u that I could laugh and cry win I never thought that it was you that I could see my self with for the rest of my life. So please don't brake my heart After I already gave u all of it so please just stay and be with me for your all I have now.

- is what we say enough Is what we do good is our relationship the same. Will we be together always. What is it that we do to make us far apart and yet close at the same time.

- can I save you from you. Cuz the champaign that you sip on isn't supposed to make you different all Time. Live girl have some fun girl you will be fine. I swear I always fall for your type.

- maybe I liked maybe there was a spark maybe there was something.. I cant stand to be without you I can't stand to be with you.. I want you to get over. I want you to fight for me.. I can't believe what I'm sayin is this love or hate. Y is it that I can stand you one minute and then u bug me the next. Man tell what this is cuz idk maybe I'm just crazy.. Y is it that I want u to want me but then I don't you..

- Its better to have some one care a lot bout u then to have them not give a damn bout u..

- dear god Your faithful to me even when I made mistakes.. You always kept me I'm grateful to thee cuz u kept me in perfect peace and it's more than I could ask for.

- all I wanted was u i wanted u to want me I wanted u to be the one that I go to. Maybe we should of slowed down to our favorite parts. I only wanted u but u didn't see it.

- can things just tumble down like an avalanche. Can love just be gone can ppl really learn to hate. Can Ur whole world crash In seconds. Can your love be the answer to everything. Can I just fall deep. Can I just drown in it. Can u save me from me. Can u save my heart and soul. Can u love me for me. Will u always be there for me when everything else crashes down can u be the one to pick me up.

- I miss u what happened to u I thought u were strong I thought u had everything under control. I loved u I loved the funny u when u had everything under control when u didn't care bout anything else.

- I guess life isn't like a dream. Life is to be based off the dream your supposed to make it true. A dream doesn't face obstacles like the way life does!! So I guess my goal to accomplish my dream will have a lot obstacles! Would I give up or would I still stand strong for my goals?? I wanna know or should I just dream bout it??

-I love u I always did but u won't forgive me u won't let me in your life u won't let me back in! U won't let me

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i dont love you
your far from perfect
i hate you
im still thinking about you
you drive me crazy
but yet im still smiling
im so angry with you
you know all the right things to say
i hate when you do that
But i cant get mad
the littlest things seem to annoy me
you make me laugh right after
i dont want to be with you
but i dont know what i would do without you

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my issues

didnt think that i would actually fall out of love with u. i realized i liked the thought of you. im mad that you just have to be like every other guy. the thought of what u used to be like seems like u never were that person. i wanted u to be what u were and not the reality of what u really are i cant tell if u proved my point or if u didnt. u proved that u were everything that i never wanted u to be. but then u never proved my thoughts. the words that u say to me i dont believe the things u do for me are nice but its not making me fall for u. how am i supposed to feel it hurts to hear the truth but its worst to be lied to. Which one is better? i dont want to know the truth because it changed my thoughts about u even though it shouldnt be like that. Being lied to i will never know but lies never stay hidden? i cant seem to figure myself and on top of that im not sure if i know who u are anymore. the thought of u is good but thinking about everything else around me makes it difficult for me to want to. these are my issues.it has nothing to do with u. but to tell u truth. it hurts me to know the truth more than u think.

Friday, February 3, 2012

50 things i like

  1. music
  2. sleep
  3. food
  4. water
  5. books
  6. laptop
  7. math
  8. writing
  9. watching football
  10. playing basketball
  11. chocolate
  12. family
  13. friends
  14. favorite blanket
  15. driving my car
  16. going out to eat
  17. traveling
  18. the beach
  19. sunset
  20. love (not marriage)
  21. Aladdin movies
  22. vampire movies
  23. thinking to myself
  24. being reall with others
  25. bath and body works
  26. someone that you really care about being there for you when you really need them
  27. the moment that a baby looks at you funny because you did something weird
  28. laughter
  29. playing beach volleyball with friends
  30. knowing that someone cares for me
  31. Puppies
  32. summer
  33. working
  34. college
  35. texting
  36. being around people
  37. dancing
  38. pulling pranks
  39. sarcasm
  40. when homework is done
  41. when room is clean
  42. the show weeds
  43. law and order
  44. the mentalist
  45. all my crime shows
  46. gossip girl
  47. one tree hill
  48. having an inspiration to do something
  49. knowing that nothing is impossible
  50. doing what you can to make things possible for others.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

lookin for something

i loved you but things arent the same anymore
i remember you wanting me to wait for you and i felt like i did
now im trying to be with you again but its hard when you keep running around with different girls
i understand your single so i dont blame you for talking to more than one girl but im mad at the fact that your doing everything i dont want you to do
i want you to prove me wrong and show me that i should be with you
i want to be with you but everytime you tell me about a girl i have my doubts i dont want to doubt you but at the same time your doing things that i hate and you tell me that you dont have feelings for those girls.. then why are you wasting your time them. those girls actually want to be with you and your telling me you still want me no matter what. maybe its time for me to stop holding on to my past and maybe i shouldnt have put you on a pedistool because your just a guy your just a guy that does wht guys do and now i know you really dont have to show me anything anymore i realised that what i want will never come true and im glad that you can get whatever you want. Now i know that things will never be the same. im glad you dont see how i really feel. but i really cant have you come back in and out of my life because i really dont like the game that you play with me. because to me its not a game and im looking for something more or something less. right now im not trying to get my heart caught up in a web so if i end up being rude towards you its because im trying to look for something that doesnt effect my heart.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

lyrics project

I didn’t want to hurt you but every time I’m with you it just feels like I’m hurting you more and more. I love you but things just haven’t been the same. I still want to be with you but at this time things don’t seem right between me and you. You were always there for me but it just seems my feelings for you will never be match up to yours and that’s why things aren’t working for us because me and you aren’t on the same level. You’ve been with me for so long that we don’t notice the little things anymore. But now it just seems that me and you are building up are flaws and noticing it more and getting mad at each other won’t solve anything because we have always been doing this so it’s going to be difficult to change.
There are times where I hated you but at the same time I wouldn’t express how I really felt because I didn’t want to argue or get mad at each other. Right now I just can’t do it I need to get my mind and my heart in the right place and right now isn’t the time. You treated me like no one ever did I loved you for that you were the guy that I could ever want. I’m the one that needs to know what I want and I think about it a lot you’re the one that’s always there for me. I thought that this was love but I guess we had to have to know what to change to know whats wrong. I wish to change things sometimes but I don’t want it too late for us.
I just gotta go right now i don’t think I will be comin back but I know I’m hurting you and the more I stay the more I’m just going to cry so don’t run after me because I have to go and make sure that we don’t say things that we may regret because we both know that it’s just not meant to be so I’m already gone.